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What exactly is a Life Bridge?

It’s a bridge that gets you from where you are to where you want to be. Sounds so easy! Every situation we’re in is temporary. No matter how comfortable we feel, we eventually have to make some forward motion.

Some situations have easy segues into the next phase. Others seem to have gaping chasms between where we are and where we need to go. Sometimes we can’t even begin to make a bridge because we don’t consciously know where the destination is!

Here’s where I can help. Of course, you can use trial and error, take the long way around the chasm, jump off and hope for a net, stop and get a degree in bridge-building, etc. I’ve tried all of the above. I’ve still gotten where I need to go, but at times it’s taken a lot longer than I’d like, and often the learning process has been more painful.

With my experience and training in Life Coaching I can help you see where your bridge needs to go and what it will take to build it. Of course, you still do the building, but with the assistance of someone with experience and training.

What situations commonly call for life bridges?

  • changes in relationships (new relationships, evolving relationships, ending relationships, starting again)
  • changes in career (new job, job challenges, job evolution, leaving a job, finding a new job, retirement)
  • children (having children, new stages of parenting, single parenting, step-parenting, “empty nest”)
  • integrating more of your true values and spirituality into your everyday life

“Anne is such a good listener.  She has this way of helping you see the difficult steps as part of the process and gives you the tools to work through the tough parts.  It’s all about progress and she’s in your court 100%.”     Beth S. , Chicago, IL


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